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Nick Pilotta

Engineer - Music Producer - Musician


Nick Pilotta



Nick Pilotta is an engineer and music producer based out of The Audio Compound, a studio in Winter Park, Florida. Nick has been working closely as the assistant to the renown producer, Andrew Wade.  Through assisting Andrew, Nick has been able to work with many incredible artists such as A Day To Remember, Wage War and many other label artists.  

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By working in the brand new studio complex, The Audio Compound, there are many options for rooms, equipment and instruments to ensure that the correct sounds are captured for your music.


If you're experiencing writer's block, or would love to start the writing process in the studio, The Audio Compound has many features that promote a welcoming environment to elicit your fullest creative potential.


Whether it be Vocal Tuning, Drum Timing, or any instrumentation editing, Nick has the editing skills to acheive whatever need be desired. 


With the industry getting more and more competitive each day, Nick understands the value and importance of a solid mix. Nick will work closely with you to ensure that your music is mixed just as you envisioned it. 


Already have some material that you would like a second opinion on? Nick has the knowledge and skill to help take your material to the next level.


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